TouchFS allows you to store files on your iPhone or iPod Touch via WiFi, by turning your iPhone OS device into a WebDAV server.

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Groupify enhances the standard Contacts application by allowing you to create/delete contact groups, and move contacts into and out of existing groups.

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Tip And Tax

Tip And Tax is a tip calculator that takes your tax rate into account–it won't calculate tip on the tax added to your bill.

Check it out in the iTunes App Store.

Heads Up On TouchFS 1.3 Features

It's been a few weeks and I thought the community would like to know about what we've been working on.

I'll tell you's been a lot of dead ends and false starts. Writing your own PDF viewer is not a simple undertaking it seems! (More on that in the future)

Finally Got 2.1 Installed

I was finally able to get the 2.1 firmware and SDK installed. After iTunes wouldn't update my iPod, I was able to boot the iPod while holding the Home button to force it into restore mode. After that, iTunes gladly downloaded the update and installed the firmware.

The new Genius feature is totally worth it, I'll say. Pick a song you want to hear and instantly create a playlist of 25 or 50 others from your library just like it.

Problems Updating to iPhone OS 2.1

We'll be installing iPhone OS 2.1 tonight and making sure TouchFS has no compatibility issues. An update will be coming out within the next two weeks, including iTunes approval time.

Famous last words apparently. I'm unable to upgrade to iPhone OS 2.1 due to some "issue" I'm experiencing. A ticket has been opened w/Apple and they're looking into a possible solution.

Until this is resolved, we'll still be updating TouchFS, but won't be able to test it on 2.1.

TouchFS 1.2 Available!

Version 1.2 is available for download or free update.


Fixes and features you'll find in version 1.2 are as follows:

  • Unicode (UTF8) file names supported
  • Added ability to delete files/folders directly from TouchFS
  • Added viewer for Keynote presentations when they're saved w/a preview
  • Additional development file types are able to be viewed in the text viewer
  • Fixed bug that prevented the port from really being changed even though it would appear changed in the UI

TouchFS 1.2 Under Review

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've uploaded v1.2 to iTunes tonight and it's under review. Once it passes, it will be available to all.

As usual with any update that may effect your personal files...


As my previous entry mentioned, v1.2 adds the following features and fixes:

  • Added Unicode (UTF8) filename support
  • Added Delete files/folders button
  • Added viewer for Keynote presentation files
  • Made various source code file types open in the text viewer

Heads Up On TouchFS 1.2 Features

We'll be releasing v1.2 by the end of this week and wanted to give everyone an idea of what they should expect.

  • Filenames with unicode/UTF8 characters will now just work. Feeling a little crazy (or want to give your file names a little European flair)? Go ahead, name your files something like these:

    M¥ Fîlé.doc
    Sålés Répørt.pdf
    Homé Büdget.numbers

TouchFS 1.1 Update Available To All Users

It gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that the 1.1 update is available on iTunes!

As stated earlier, Office document viewing and iWork document viewing is finally available–thank you for your patience. Since this is our first update released, we're a bit curious of how the upgrade performs goes for you. If you have a lot of files stored w/TouchFS, it may take a while to perform.

TouchFS 1.1 Update Completed

The 1.1 update is complete, and should be in your hands in a couple of weeks. We've published it to iTunes today, where it will now go through the normal review process. If the past is any indication, this review process will take at least ten days, after which, the update will be available to you.

Additional Features

Office Document Viewers Added

Documentation Appearing Today

We'll be publishing more detailed documentation on our site than what appears in TouchFS itself--today. You'll notice a new Documentation in the main nav area.

Expect this to fill out quickly, with good screen shots and walkthroughs for connecting from various operating systems.

UPDATE 2008-31-07 - Added screen shots for How To Connect From Windows XP, AnyClient (Windows XP & Vista) and Cyberduck.

FAQ Started

We've created an initial FAQ that attempts to provide some quick information and assistance. If you click on the actual FAQ entry headings in the main body of the FAQ page, you can leave comments too.

To access the FAQ, click the...wait for it...FAQ link in the main nav section. (upper right of the page)

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