Can't update , have a "0xE800002E" error

How are you updating?

Are you updating directly from your iPhone using the App Store, or updating and syncing with iTunes?

I'd just try rebooting your iPhone and updating from the App Store. If that still doesn't work, you can always backup your TouchFS files, delete TouchFS and "buy" it again.

Don't worry, you won't be charged a second time. In fact, after you click the Buy Now button, a message will appear telling you you already own TouchFS and asking if you'd like to continue downloading it for free.

We're interested in hearing from user who have experienced issues with updating. How much data do you have stored in TouchFS? We're just trying to get a feeling for what might be causing this.

i try many think

i try many think iphone......again and again

may be i loaded some file in iphone is "chinese" file name (can't del)

so , i reload my iphone.........and buy again

now is ok!!! 1.2VER support "chinses"file name !!! GOOD~!!!

if "touchFS" can pervent system sleep , it must be better ^_^

This is something we're trying to do

Great to hear. We're looking into disabling sleep while TouchFS is running too.

Figured out how to disable sleep!

Woo hoo! I found the code to disable sleep now. It will be in the upcoming update. Sleep will be disabled automatically whenever the server is enabled. Turn the server off, and sleep will be enabled again.


That's great! I really hate it when I leave the phone for a while, and come back later to see that not everything has been transferred.



I have had that error many times. It seems to be related to having the original file/app on the iphone. Delete that and it usually updates fine. However, I am unable to update air sharing or mobile finder - both same type of program as touchfs. Apple has not been able to help, either. Makes me not want to ever update such programs! Does not matter if backed up or not - the app cannot be placed on the phone. Only step I have not yet tried is restore - and that wipes out everything in terms of data that is not synched somewhere else. Would be nice if someone could really gets to the bottom of the problem...