Can't connect to the iphone

I've just downloaded the touchfs and when I try to connect the phone to osx (tiger) it doesn't find the server.

Were you able to follow the walkthrough?

Were you able to follow the walkthrough for Connecting from OS X in the Documentation section of or in the Help pages of TouchFS, or did errors prevent you from completing the process? (Tap the "?" button in TouchFS to access some basic help content)

From the TouchFS Options screen, make sure the server is ON, authentication is OFF and the port is set to its default value of 8080.

It often helps to connect with a standard web browser when you're having trouble like this too. With TouchFS running, enter the TouchFS url in your favorite web browser.

If TouchFS Authentication is turned OFF, TouchFS will prompt you to allow the incoming connection. If you still can't connect, even with your web browser, then there's something more fundamentally incorrect with your iPhone or network settings.

Look at the above linked documentation and let me know if it helps you connect. If you're still unable to connect, let me know and we'll take it from there.