problem connecting first time user

my ipone has the latest soft ware 3g 2.0.2

I downloaded the touchfs connect it find the phone and it shows the programs but nothing works also tried to use finder and sink to server but that dose not work an error comes up error 36 can some one help get connected thanks

Let's take this from the top...

You say you downloaded the TouchFS Connect tool and it sees your iPhone and shows the programs? What do you mean, "it shows the programs"?

Let's take this from the top...there's three ways to connect from OS X:

  1. Web Browser: From the TouchFS Options screen, make sure the server is ON and the port is at the default setting of 8080. Turn Authentication OFF initially.

    Enter the URL displayed on the Options screen in your web browser on your computer exactly as it's displayed in TouchFS:

    When your browser tries connecting, TouchFS will prompt you to allow the incoming connection. Tap Yes to connect. Your web browser will then show a list of folders and files contained on your iPhone.

  2. Finder: Take a look at the documentation here at and in the help pages inside TouchFS. Tap the "?" button in TouchFS and read the section on Connecting From OS X.

    There's a more detailed walkthrough including screenshots here in the Documentation section.

  3. WebDAV Client: any WebDAV client should work. Information on how to use the free Cyberduck client for OS X can be found here too.

The TouchFS Connect utility only automates connecting with the Finder–it's not a necessary utility, although it does make things a bit easier.

If TouchFS Connect sees your iPhone, what happens when you click the Connect button? You should see a progress indicator animate in the lower left corner of the window while the connection is being made. TouchFS may also prompt you on your iPhone to allow the incoming connection. Make sure you tap Yes.

Depending on your Finder preferences, once connected, you should see a new "drive" either on your desktop or in the sidebar of any Finder window. Your Finder preferences determine if network shares like this will appear on your desktop or not, so that may be why you're not seeing it.

I'd start from the beginning...enter the TouchFS url in your web browser just to verify you have network connectivity. If that works, connecting from the Finder should be a piece of cake...with or without the TouchFS Connect tool.

Please look at the above links and consult the help content in TouchFS itself and let me know if any of it helps you. Rest assured, we'll get you up and running.