TouchFS Connect BETA (OS X)

Leave feedback for the TouchFS Connect BETA for OS X here. Tell us about problems and feature requests with the actual program and the installation process. Anything that will help us improve the software would be much appreciated.

In case you missed the memo, you can download the BETA here

Works Great!

Ahh, finally back on my mac so I could test this. The software is nice, with a clean interface and worked.

The only recommendation that I could make is, when the iPhone successfully connects to the Mac you could make it display "Successfully connected" instead of still displaying the swirly, blue and white bar thingy.
(Something like this

Other than that all I can say is Great!

Suggestion Noted

Suggestion noted...thanks. Some better status information like this would be great. Heck, even getting the Connect button to change to a Disconnect button when your iPhone is already connected would be cool too I suppose.