iPhone to iPhone viewing and file transfer?

Hi Paul

Just had a thought. What about iPhone to iPhone (or iPod Touch) functionality so that we can transfer and view files between iPhones (obviously this would require relevant security features to ensure that people had to authenticate before accessing each others' iPhones, etc.). Could be really handy and I don't think any other competing product currently offers this.



Not to let the cat out of the bag, but...

Stu...ya got a great idea...the same idea we've had, in fact. This one'll be a few updates in the future as we work out the interface design and particulars, but we do want to add this.

Some thoughts we had...which do you like better?

  1. The receiving device has the incoming file stored in the currently displayed folder
  2. You're able to select one of your existing folders as the "incoming" folder, where all device to device transfers will be stored

As for security, we'll have the typical, "Do you except an incoming file from {other iPhone/iPod}?" prompt.

Good news Paul

Hey Paul

Good news. Great minds and all that :-) As to your question, I like the following approach:

1. You can set a 'default' incoming folder in TouchFS preferences.
2. When an incoming request is detected, TouchFS displays the "do you except an incoming file" prompt along with an option to select either your default folder as specified in the preferences (this option should be already selected as the default) or an option to select any other folder if required. If you select the 'Any Other Folder' option, TouchFS could display a list of the current folders and maybe an option to create a new folder as well. That way you get the best of both worlds.

All sounds good. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! If you want a beta tester, give me a shout :-)



PS> I wish I knew how write these apps... you guys are well clever ;-)

There have been a number of

There have been a number of iPod to Computer programs around for a while that are capable of iPod to iPod transfer. You'd think the same would be possible with iPhone to iPhone transfer, right?

There will be...

There will be some device to device apps available, I'm sure. Knowing what I know about the new iPhone OS due out this year, I'm almost sure of it.

Heck, we've always talked about adding something like this to TouchFS...maybe it will become a more probable possibility now?