Heads Up On TouchFS 1.2 Features

We'll be releasing v1.2 by the end of this week and wanted to give everyone an idea of what they should expect.

  • Filenames with unicode/UTF8 characters will now just work. Feeling a little crazy (or want to give your file names a little European flair)? Go ahead, name your files something like these:

    M¥ Fîlé.doc
    Sålés Répørt.pdf
    Homé Büdget.numbers

  • Changing the port number will actually work this time. In the current version, port 8080 is always used regardless of what you enter in the Port text field on the Options screen. This has been fixed. Of course, you'll still need to enter a port number greater than 1024, but at least now they'll work.
  • We're also going to desperately try and get on-device file deleting completed. This one is still up in the air, but it's in the works at least.
    UPDATE: Got the delete file/folder feature working good enough for release.

As usual, once uploaded, the new version will have to go through a review process before it's available to everyone. The good news is that the last update was reviewed in a about a week, which was much faster than the previous review period. Things are looking up...the reviews seem to be happening quicker. That's good news for everyone.

That reminds me, does anyone have any comments about the update process? How did it work for you? How long did it take? Were there any issues during or after the update? Did you update directly on your iPhone or w/iTunes? We're just trying to get a feeling for what you all encounter while using this new method of software delivery. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.