Password Protection

It would be great to have this App with password protection so that no one else could pic up your phone and view anything in TouchFS without putting in a password first. Possible or not?

Possible Fer' Sure!

Feature request noted! Definitely possible. Can you think of any other details about this feature? Exactly how would it operate? Would you want to enter your password every time TouchFS is launched, or maybe only if you haven't authenticated in a certain time period?

personally I would like to be

personally I would like to be able to have the option to create a password if needed. I would be happy then to login when the App is needed and logout when done. Simple use to start with so that it could be implemented quickly first off. If there were more options to set such as inactivity timeout this would be a bonus but could be added later.

I support this too!

I personally think the password should be every time at application startup.

This for me is related to your planned Media Viewer -- a primary use for this application to me is essentially to have a Password Protected "Photo Album" which doesn't have the force-downsampled images, and doesn't have to sync with iTunes to get them there.

So when the 'Media Viewer' component is ready, if you could resume browsing the last picture (as an optional setting i suggest) when the application is restarted, that would be great -- but you would have to enter a password first.

Aside -- when the 'Media Viewer' comes online -- it may be good to not automatically have the WebDav server be activated.

I'd like to see this feature

I'd like to see this feature too. It would provide good peace of mind for sure!