TouchFS 1.1 Update Available To All Users

It gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that the 1.1 update is available on iTunes!

As stated earlier, Office document viewing and iWork document viewing is finally available–thank you for your patience. Since this is our first update released, we're a bit curious of how the upgrade performs goes for you. If you have a lot of files stored w/TouchFS, it may take a while to perform.

Please, make sure you have your files backed up before installing the update, and I'd suggest making sure your iPhone or iPod Touch is plugged into the AC when updating...probably shouldn't be updating via battery power.

As usual, we'd appreciate any feedback you'd care to share with the community regarding the update process. How long it took, any hiccups you experienced, etc...

I'll update this post tomorrow with more details, but for now must say goodnight.


couldn't open (current version) office files

I've installed the update but it wouldn't open office files. It worked with previous formats (e.g. *.doc) but not with current version (Office 2008). Also, it crashed when I tried to open huge powerpoint file (40+ Mb size). Would be great if it can handle huge files, since many pdf and ppt have considerably big file size. Thanks for the update!

Any Office files viewable in Mail and Safari should be viewable

Any Office files viewable in Mail and Safari should be viewable in TouchFS as we're using the system viewer. If you've found a file that displays properly in Mail or Safari, but not TouchFS, please send it to our support address so we can have a closer look at this.