TouchFS 1.1 Update Completed

The 1.1 update is complete, and should be in your hands in a couple of weeks. We've published it to iTunes today, where it will now go through the normal review process. If the past is any indication, this review process will take at least ten days, after which, the update will be available to you.

Additional Features

Office Document Viewers Added
You can now view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents like all other iPhone apps. Seriously, there's a long, not-so-funny story behind why these weren't added in the initial release. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say...FINALLY!
iWork Document Viewers Added
You can also view Numbers spreadsheets and Pages documents as long as you've saved them with a file preview. You asked, we answered. You're welcome.
Pinch/Zoom Added to Image Viewer
You pointed out our said an image viewer without pinch/zoom is hardly an image viewer worthy of the average TouchFS user. We said, "How the heck do we do this?" Then we buckled down, got to work, and did it...sort of.

You'll be happy to note that you can now pinch/zoom when viewing any of the supported images. You'll also notice that we have a little more work to do before this feature is polished. Namely, there's still no double-tap to zoom in and out. We're getting there folks!

Web Browser Access
Many of you have noticed that you can access your files w/a standard web browser. The reason we've never advertised that fact, is that (again, as many of you have noticed) uploading files with your web browser was not completed in version 1.0.

This feature is completed now. You can view and upload files through the web browser interface. Works in any standard web browser, and works in IE too. Wait to you see the in-browser upload feature that Tom developed. Way cool!

Please remember though, that this web browser interface is not intended to be the main way to access your files w/TouchFS. Map a WebDAV drive or try one of the free WebDAV'll be much happier that way.

Defects Fixed

File Extensions
Files w/Mixed Case file extensions will be opened the just as well as their lower-cased brethren. (All of our past programming professors are looking down on us for this one, but at least it's fixed now.)

Thank you to everyone who has emailed your feedback, or posted to the feedback and support forums. Your input is much appreciated.