How To Connect From Windows XP

NOTE: If you have trouble connecting w/XP, please install the Software Update for Web Folders patch from Microsoft. It can be found at this location:

Connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch running TouchFS to your PC running Windows XP is easy.

First, tap the Options button in TouchFS to setup and view your current settings. Make note of the URL you're shown and and user/password you may have configured.

From My Computer, open up My Network Places, choose Add a network place and click Next.

Wait for Windows to load information about network serivce providers. Select Choose another network location and click Next.

Enter a url containing your device's IP addresss and port number as displayed on the
TouchFS Options page, then click Next.


Windows will attempt to connect to your iPhone. Depending on the Authentication options you have set in TouchFS, your computer will either prompt you for a username and password, or TouchFS will prompt you to allow the incoming connection. (If prompted for a username and password, enter the ones configured in the TouchFS Options screen)

Name this connection whatever you like. (iPod and My iPhone are great names, but so are William, Susan and George.)

Click through to the end of the wizard, and you'll finally see your new iPhone connection in My Network Places

To verify this is setup correctly, right-click the newly created network place, and choose Properties...

...and make sure the URL listed in the Target field is correct. (Make sure it starts w/ http://. There is a bug in certain installations of Windows that removes the http:// from the URL you enter in the wizard. No http:// means the connection won't work.)

Once you're happy that the network place is configured correctly, double click it to open it up. When opened, you'll see a list of the files stored within TouchFS on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can drag and drop, copy, move, delete, rename directly from this window, just like in any Explorer window.

See? Wasn't that easy? Nothing more than a simple seven eight step process. If this sounds too hard, don't sounds much worse than it is.