We're Here For You

Just a quick note to let everyone know that someone is available for support, to answer your questions, and receive any feedback you may have.

TouchFS, Groupify and Tip And Tax are live on iTunes. If you need assistance right now, you can send email to support at regalmedia.com, or use my personal contact form once you sign up for an account on our site.

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Support page updated with additional connection information (2008-7-28)

Important Notes About Windows Vista & XP Home
If you're having trouble connecting with Windows XP or Windows Vista using the Add Network Place wizard, remember, you don't have to use your OS's built in WebDAV connect features to access TouchFS. In fact, you can open the url in any web browser as well--we thought of that too! File uploads w/from your web browser will be available in the next update however. The code is done, and we're updating the app on iTunes this week. Albeit not as convenient as mapping a drive, it will be functional at least.

Before using your web browser or downloading some WebDAV client, be aware that the "Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306)" patch from Microsoft resolves a lot of issues people were experiencing. This update applies to all versions of Windows, not just Vista–this may help XP users as well.

Other Solutions
You should be able to connect to TouchFS w/any other WebDAV client. We've received feedback that the free AnyClient utility allows you to connect to TouchFS from both XP and Vista if you're having trouble using the built in Add Network Place wizard from these operating systems.

WebDrive for Vista (which is not free unfortunately) has also been confirmed to connect to TouchFS perfectly.

As for Mac OS X, if you find the Finder too slow as a WebDAV client, you can try the free Cyberduck ftp/WebDAV client.