TouchFS Version 1.3 Available

Version 1.3 has finally been approved and is available on iTunes now. This release adds two features that will help you navigate long documents easier, and a few features that should have been here from the beginning:

  • Added quick scrolling slider for PDF and Office documents. You can now quickly scroll/jump through a document using a slider control. You can't jump directly to the start of a particular page, but w/the slider, it's trivial to jump half way through a document, jump towards the end, etc...
  • PDF and Office viewer remembers/restores previous document position. When you view a document, the last position you were looking at is restored.
  • Document position stays the same when switching between horizontal and vertical orientation. This behavior was always left up to the system, but occasionally, changing orientations would scroll the current document to the beginning. TouchFS now remembers what you were looking at and makes sure that same location is displayed when the orientation changes.
  • TouchFS disables sleep when the WebDAV server is running. Your device will not fall asleep in the middle of a file transfer anymore.