Video/Audio Files? Version 1.3 Feature List? PDF - Page Browsing?

Hello again,

Just like to say again: I'm loving TouchFS; but I'm just wondering about when TouchFS will get Video and Audio file support. It seems most of your apps competitors have Video and Audio files support, and this is a real handy feature for audio and video files I don't want to load on to iTunes, or just for when moving between different computers (since an iPhone/iPod Touch can only sync to 1 iTunes library). Since you would be using the iPhone's/iPod Touch's built in player, it would seem that this would be a relatively simple coding task. Anyway, when would this be happening?

Now, as mcackay posted here, I would also like to see those features (Basic Image Viewing, Thumbnail Images, Password on startup/folders and Full Screen Viewing) in TouchFS in the foreseeable future. Also, a "prioritized list" would be a great heads-up as to what features will be in 1.3 and which ones won't be.

Lastly, I'd just like to mention something about browsing between entire pages when viewing Office/iWork/PDF files. I noticed that one of your competitors - AirSharing - has this implimented. Here is a picture (those two arrows are used for page viewing). It also remebers where you left off in a document. Would this be possible in TouchFS?


Basic audio/video support is

Basic audio/video support is not a problem to support, but what I'm worried about is people trying to play non-iPhone friendly files and complaining that they don't play correctly. And by "non-iPhone friendly" files, I'm not talking about formats that won't play at all, I'm referring to mp4 files that are too large in resolution or kbps that the iPhone hardware chokes.

Since TouchFS will let you copy any files to your iPhone, and won't recompress/reencode the files on the fly, the potential for unrealistic expectations exist. Do we try to pay any iPhone supported file, consequences be damned and incur the support headache, or do we attempt to detect files that can't be expected to play correctly and prompt the user to continue trying to play the file or not? Any thoughts?

As for the paging of PDFs and Word docs, we've got that working as long as you're not zoomed in on a document. If you're viewing a complete single page, the "paging" is working, but as soon as you zoom in, the paging is off. Even assuming we can compensate for the zoom level of the viewer, the only way we're able to jump to a page is taking advantage of undocumented API which is not allowed by Apple. I don't know if Air Sharing found another, legitimate way to accomplish the same thing or what.

Feel free to comment on these ramblings...

Heh...just tried the page down button in AirSharing

Heh...just tried the page up/down buttons in AirSharing and noticed that it doesn't jump to perfect page boundaries either. Even zoomed out, each time you go down a page, it's off by a few pixels more each time.

Honestly, this same behavior I've implemented in TouchFS has bugged me and has kept me from releasing a "jump to page" feature. If this is all people want...buttons to jump approximately to the next/previous page, and remember your last position, consider it done. I always just assumed this was a real "jump to page" feature, but now that I actually tried our competitor's product, I see that it's not. It just scrolls down a screen, with no consideration to how large the page actually is.

I really think the up/down buttons are a little "non-iPhoneish" since they don't do anything that the standard swipe/scroll gesture doesn't already do. And really, is being able to tap a button to scroll down an approximate page length that necessary?

How about TouchFS goes one better...let's assume that no one can accurately jump to an exact page boundary...what if we added a slider control that would let you scrub through a document? Instead of up/down buttons, how about a slider that let's you jump 10%, 50%, 75%, etc...through the document? Would you find that more useful? Of course, we'll still remember your last position when you leave and come back to the same file.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Yes, I'd been thinking of


I'd been thinking of a sort of slider bar thing as well. That would definitely be better than a partially working page up/down button. Maybe you could implement something like the app Stanza has? I'm guessing you would have downloaded it already and would be using it yourself, but if you haven't: Stanza has a slider to accurately scroll though pages, with page numbers on the side. Screenshot's in the link. But then again, Stanza doesn't use the system viewer.... If you can't do something like Stanza (or if the API you wrote about earlier needs to be used) , then the "percentage slider" would be great!

With Video/Audio, I would suggest you go the "Detection" method. If the file is over the minimum allowed specs and under the maximum then it can play.
If it is over the maximum allowed specs then a confirmation dialogue pops up: "This file might not play satisfactorily, or cause your iPhone/iPod Touch to freeze or crash. Are you sure you want to play this file?" or something like that. Something like that would probably work best.

Whenever I transfer video to my iPhone, I first always convert it to:
mp4 (Video: H.264/AVC, 480:320 (3:2), 672 kbps, 25 fps; Audio: AAC LC, 128 kbps, 44100 Hz).

Maybe you could post some sort of guide for converting videos to play on an iPhone. A nice, free converter for windows is SUPER © . and for the Mac iSquint.

Anyway, I hope to see some of these features soon!

Great information. Thanks!

Great information. Thanks! This definitely gives me something concrete to target. Working on the slider now...

Slider is Done!

Got the slider working, and it's actually pretty cool. Depending on the detail/size of the PDF it takes about 3 seconds after you let go of the slider before the new position of the document is shown, but it's totally usable.

It makes it easy jumping half way through a long doc w/o having to slowly scroll page by page, that's for sure. Even zoomed in, the slider works fine. The only thing I still need to add before releasing is the ability to update the slider after manually scrolling through the document. Right now, moving the slider updates the document, but scrolling through the document, doesn't update the slider. Should be easy enough to do...


Great! I can't wait to try it. This is going to be a very useful addition to TouchFS!

When do you think you'll be submitting TouchFS 1.3 to Apple? Will it include Audio/Video support and/or that it remembers your last position in the document?


Yes, it will

Yes, specifically, TouchFS will remember your last vertical scrolling position for any document type using the system viewer. Currently, that's PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Numbers, Keynote and Pages.

I'm putting together the final touches (TouchFSes?) and will have an update uploaded to iTunes in the next two days.

Why is it that none of this

Why is it that none of this has been included so far? These are some great ideas that I would like to see as well.

I found some really useful iPod to Comptuer transfer software from another page too.

How do you make iTunes add to play count?

How to you make iTunes add to play count when a song starts? Basically, I would like to change the format of play count in iTunes. In Winamp, the play count for a song increases when you play the song. In iTunes, however the play count increases when you get done playing the song. I would like to alter this in iTunes to make it just like Winamp. It's really annoying to me. To anyone who took the time to read this, I am grateful.