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I have a new iPhone 3G, and considering purchasing TouchFS, as it seems like the application I am looking for. But there is one thing I cannot find out from the product description: it says"TouchFS also allows you to browse through the files you've stored and view certain file types directly on your iPhone screen."
What is not clear, HOW the file content is displayed? is the text reformatted to fit the screen, or do I have to pull the screen around to see the longer text lines?

The reason I am asking this because I downloaded some other applications that claimed the "allow viewing different file types", but they ended up unusable because for example the whole Word A4-page was displayed on the small screen. True, this was a free application, so I can't complain.
I am willing to invest in something better, but I want to make sure that the product does what I expect it to do.

Thanks for the info.


Anybody out there?...


I have posted my question (More information about formatting options) 2 days ago, but there was no reply/comment so far. Does anyone read this forum? Are the developers present?
Would appreciate any info on my question.


I'm here Peter...sorry for

I'm here Peter...sorry for the delay. "Real Life" sometimes has a way of interfering with Regal Media's projects.

Anyway, Peter, the files that are supported are zoomed out so that a single page fills the entire screen. We're using the system viewer for most file types, so you'll experience the same exact behavior for instance if you view a Word document in Safari or Mail as you will in TouchFS.

The only files that are "reformatted" are text files. The lines of text will wrap so you won't have to scroll horizontally. You can also change the font size so as to see more or less text w/o having to scroll down.

Other than text files, everything else should display just like it will if you view the same file in Safari or Mail on the iPhone. That includes the supported Office files, iWork files, PDFs, HTML, etc...I can email you some more screenshots if you'd like.

Re: Viewing files

Hi Paul,

thanks for the response. I am glad that I asked, because based on this information I can decide that this is NOT what I am looking for. I don't know what's the use of displaying a full A4-page on the iPhone screen. In this form it is unreadable, and if you zoom in, it makes it too inconvenient to read anything.
Do you know of any other application that would do what I want: allow to display Word, PDF, HTML files in a wrapped format on iPhone so that one can read them without horizontal scrolling?


I don't know of any app that

I don't know of any app that will reflow a Word, PDF or HTML page for easier reading on your iPhone. Plain text files are one thing since they don't contain and layout/positioning information for their content, but Word, PDF and HTML more often than not do contain info like this.

You could always save your Word, PDF or HTML files as plain text and upload them, or perhaps there's a utility out there to assist with it. I'll keep my eyes opened for anything like this.

You know, I'm coming from a

You know, I'm coming from a Palm Tungsten background... There is an application called Documents-to-Go on the Palm, that allowed me to not just view, but even edit Word and Excel files on Palm...
While I appreciate many features on the iPhone, I really miss these possibilities...

I can safely say you will not

I can safely say you will not be able to edit Office documents in TouchFS, that's for sure. Unless Apple makes the feature open to other developers, that would be an extremely difficult task for TouchFS to support. :)

Nice, yes, but not on the radar right now.