Problems Updating to iPhone OS 2.1

We'll be installing iPhone OS 2.1 tonight and making sure TouchFS has no compatibility issues. An update will be coming out within the next two weeks, including iTunes approval time.

Famous last words apparently. I'm unable to upgrade to iPhone OS 2.1 due to some "issue" I'm experiencing. A ticket has been opened w/Apple and they're looking into a possible solution.

Until this is resolved, we'll still be updating TouchFS, but won't be able to test it on 2.1.

Incidentally, has anyone else been experiencing update problems? I can't update, I can't restore, nothing...In fact, when updating to 2.1, iTunes looks like it's going to work, it starts downloading something, but in a second the download is gone. I've been able to switch to the Downloads section before it disappears, and notice the iPhone OS 2.1 Update being downloaded is only 0.4KB. Strange indeed.