Heads Up On TouchFS 1.3 Features

It's been a few weeks and I thought the community would like to know about what we've been working on.

I'll tell you what...it's been a lot of dead ends and false starts. Writing your own PDF viewer is not a simple undertaking it seems! (More on that in the future)

I'll keep updating this post as more information becomes available, but we are planning on improving the text file handling in the next update. TouchFS will have a "view as text" feature for all unknown file types. We'll also include some basic checks so you don't try and open that 400MB MPG video in the text viewer. *smile*

[Update 10/8]
Added "jump to page" for the PDF/Office viewer which will allow you to jump through a document, instead of having to manually scroll. It's not really, "jump to page" though...we've added a slider which let's you jump to approximate positions in a long document.

I'm also working on making the viewer remember your last position in the document so you don't have to find the last position yourself.