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Subscriptions Added

I added a subscription feature for forum posts and blog entries. You'll see a Subscribe link towards the bottom of pages for these content types. Clicking the link will expand the subscription options you have.

You'll also notice a new Subscriptions tab on your My account page where you can manage your subscription settings. Default settings will send you a single email once a day if any content/type you've subscribed to has been updated or created.

Finally Got 2.1 Installed

I was finally able to get the 2.1 firmware and SDK installed. After iTunes wouldn't update my iPod, I was able to boot the iPod while holding the Home button to force it into restore mode. After that, iTunes gladly downloaded the update and installed the firmware.

The new Genius feature is totally worth it, I'll say. Pick a song you want to hear and instantly create a playlist of 25 or 50 others from your library just like it.

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